Our Camping Essentials.

First post, here I go!

For a lot of people camping can seem like a daunting adventure. There’s so much to set up and so many things that you need, one might wonder where do you even begin?? With the right set up and a little preparation camping can be so easy and fun!  Not to mention it’s a relatively inexpensive way to get to enjoy views like this…

Big Sur, Ca


The camp set up that we have today has definitely grown over the years and we are still perfecting it, but I thought I’d share some of our camping essentials and how we make our adventures practical and comfortable.

The Roof Top Tent

It’s hard to get out of bed in the mornings.


Now obviously not everyone needs a roof top tent. Any kind of tent will do, you could even sleep in a hammock under the stars if you desire! For us this roof top tent has been life changing for our adventures. First and foremost it’s basically a portable tree house… who wouldn’t love that?? But aside from that, it’s so easy to set up. It takes less than 5 minutes for us to have an instant cozy place to sleep that’s off the ground and away from the spiders…EEK! We keep our sleeping bags and pillows inside of it too, so we just unfold it and our cozy bed is all ready to go.

The Fridge

Another upgrade to our camp set up that is not necessary but awesome to have is our portable fridge. The fridge that we have connects to the truck’s battery. While it may sound like that is a bad idea…there is no need to worry , it takes very little energy to run and if it does ever get close to killing the battery it will automatically shut off. We have been on week-long camping expeditions and it has never failed us. For longer camping trips the fridge is a true luxury to have because it saves us tons of trips to the store to get more ice.

Good Food

Over the years Joseph has become an expert camping chef and is always the one whipping up delicious meals for everyone in our camp. Cooking for everyone is something that we love to do but it definitely takes the right set up. We currently use two foldable tables; one to hold our two burner camp stove as well as a mini gas grill and the other for laying out the supplies. With this set up we can make some of our favorite meals like burgers, carne asada burritos, and some epic breakfasts which we like to call “the works”.

heating up some water for coffee
YUM! Bacon and sausage.


Some other things that really complete our camp are:

  • Headlamps- You can’t go anywhere or find anything at night without these!
  • Portable speakers- There is nothing like sitting under the stars with a campfire going and your favorite tunes playing in the background.
  • Comfy chairs & hammocks- because no one wants to sit on the ice chest!
  • Toilet Paper- This has saved my life more than once….
  • Organization- We keep all of our camping supplies in stackable storage boxes that fit nicely in the back of the truck and are easy to pull in and out of our storage locker at our apartment.


Thanks for reading!

Feel free to comment if you have any questions about our set up. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Our Camping Essentials.

  1. What an amazing post! You guys really have an unique setup that lets you snuggle right into the arms of nature. The roof top tent looks like a dream ❤ I would so love to camp like this. Great tips, Taylor!
    All the pictures are jaw-dropping, especially the one at Big Sur.
    Looking forward to reading more posts, and knowing about your unique travel experiences.


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